We believe store of value comes from use.

Coincurve is an online digital currency platform, built and operated in Vancouver, Canada.

Coincurve service allows customers all over the world buy and sell Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash in the simplest form. Soon, we will expand globally into emerging and underbanked countries. Our goal is to educate, adopt and deliver Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash to users across the world.

Utility Coins

With so many altcoins in the market, it is overwhelming for the average user to know which coin to buy. This is why Coincurve only offer coins that have utility. The more spendable, usable, sendable the coins are, the more store of value they hold. Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash are the most accepted coins with worldwide shops. This is why Coincurve is extremely selective with our coin offerings and are limited to only Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash at the moment.

Better than Digital Gold

Join the rest of the world through the biggest shift in finance, commerce and currency. Through the public and distributed blockchain technology, Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash is a better store of value than FIAT (eg: US Dollar) and serves far superior utility function than Gold. This empowers communities with more financial freedom and control.